Berit Müllerström, LO Second Vice President

Organisational issues - We think that we have a magnificent concept. But we must be better in recruiting more members. Berit Müllerström, elected at the Congress in 2016, is an organisational enthusiast and a champion of increased diversity.

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People want to be active

For Berit Müllerström the path into the union movement started when she, working as a care assistant, went in for the fight for better working conditions.

- Experience shows that people actually want to take space. I think that all people, no matter age, gender or ethnicity want to be engaged in issues regarding their work situation. We must enable them to do this, by creating the conditions needed.

Focus on the organisation

During the years until next Congress, the responsibilities of Berit Müllerström will include three particular fields.

- I want to do my very best to ensure that we will attain the targets set by the LO Congress in 201.  For my part these include work environment and rehabilitation issues, environment and climate as well as the organisational study that LO will carry out.

- I want to focus on gender equality, diversity and TU representation issues. The decision-making bodies of LO must reflect the diversity of our membership base. We need more people with a different ethnic background in the labour movement.

The membership rate must increase

The decline in the membership figures of many LO affiliates is a great challenge.
- Our member unions need a large membership base if we want a strong LO. A high rate of organisation is a precondition for the work to improve the conditions of workers in LO professions.
- I believe we need to change our approach and find new ways of action. I look forward to being able to influence policy more than before.

Berit Müllerström was elected Second Vice President at the LO Congress in 2016.

Previous position: Head of Administration, Kommunal (the Municipal Workers’ Union)