Torbjörn Johansson, Negotiations Secretary

Organisational issues The Negotiations Secretary of LO likes to go in-depth in bargaining technics and agreement terms and conditions. This is a good quality for the person responsible for wage coordination at the LO. In the end, what our members get in pay depends on details, he says.

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The individual alone is not strong

It was the consciousness of the uneven balance of power between the employer and the workers that triggered the union commitment of Torbjörn Johansson.

- Being alone at a workplace with no union protection makes you very vulnerable. More and more people are becoming aware of this. The idea of a strong self-reliant individual is not credible. There is a growing awareness of what happens in the labour market, if the unions are not strong enough.

Increased commitment

Torbjörn Johansson believes that the individual worker’s vulnerable position in the labour market will subsequently lead to more people getting unionised, and thereby to increased power for workers, even if this is not noticeable yet.

- Through recruitment of new members, unions gain more power and increased possibilities of exerting influence. This is the only way of ensuring fair wages and working conditions. What the unions stand for is that workers shall not be played off one against the other.

Equal pay

For LO Negotiating Secretary this is about solidarity. It is the very core of the trade union mission.

- Fair wages are a prerequisite of the modern working life. Women must get a larger part of the wage share. Increased pay for women will result in a more gender equal labour market and a more gender equal Sweden, he says.

We must stay united

Torbjörn Johansson is responsible for wage bargaining and wage coordination within LO. As Negotiating Secretary he regularly meets with his equivalents from the LO unions to discuss common problems in the labour market today.

- We are not without problems. But our task is to ensure that our members are protected and their working conditions improved. This can only happen if we stand united and in solidarity. 

Torbjörn Johansson is the Negotiating Secretary of LO Sweden since 2012 and he is responsible for wage coordination and the collective bargaining process.