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Almedalen: How to shape an EU that benefits everyone?

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The EU has given us economic success, competition on more equal terms and increased civil rights. But in spite of all these achievements, many are dissatisfied with the EU-cooperation.

Brexit, refugee crisis and increased protectionism have tarnished the European neighbours and created challenges for the cohesion of Member States. Alongside, citizens are experiencing a development towards more insecurity in jobs, sustained unemployment and concerns about the living conditions of future generations.

Constructive dialogue and vigorous action is required to strengthen the EU-cooperation. Listen to a conversation where we drill into opportunities and obstacles to future European cooperation. What are the conflict lines and how should they be handled? How do we strengthen democratic and social inclusion and thus legitimacy? How important is the development and responsibility for the social dimension for the EU to be perceived as beneficial to all?


Therese Guovelin, Vice President The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)
Ann Linde, Sweden's Minister for EU Affairs and Trade
Silvan Wagenknecht, Initiator/Speaker “Pulse of Europe” in Berlin

Moderator: Mikael Feldbaum, Chief Editor, Arbetsvärlden (TCO)