Government and social partners agree on initiative to facilitate labour market entry

Labour market An agreement has been reached between the Swedish government and social partners concerning the introduction of  ’entry agreements’. This is an initiative aimed at facilitating for newly arrived immigrants and the long-term unemployed to get established in the labour market.

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The Swedish labour market is strong with a high level of employment. An increasing number of sectors and regions in Sweden are experiencing labour shortages. But far too many people still have trouble finding work, particularly those who came as refugees during the last years.

Many of the unemployed lack the skills, not least in the Swedish language, to take the available jobs. This situation was brought to a head by the historically high number of asylum seekers in the autumn of 2015. Today almost six out of ten unemployed registered at the Swedish Public Employment Service are born outside of Sweden.

The Swedish goverment and the social partners: Unionen and LO representing workers, as well as The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise on the part of the employers, have signed a joint Declaration of Intent stating that the’entry agreements should be introduced.

Those with a job under the entry agreement receive an income equivalent to the minimum income in the collective agreement. In addition, the jobs under this scheme should be on full-time basis and lead to permanent employment with the employer.

- It is positive that the social partners jointly with the government have come to an understanding on how to ensure that those who are far from the labour market get into work. This can also remedy the labour shortage in many LO professions, says LOs First Vice President Therese Guovelin.

She is particularly pleased with the combination of work and training and the fact that those who participate in the initiative can get a permanent employment in the same workplace within two years.

- In this way, those with employment under this scheme will be provided with the opportunity to get a fair living standard, while there are good hopes for a permanent job in the same workplace.

To introduce the agreement, the system needs to be notified to the European Commission and accepted.

 Link to the website of Swedish Government Offices and the Declaration of Intent