Infomercial - americanised campaigning or making people committed?

Forming public opinion LO crashed the gates and introduced the infomercial concept during the election campaign of 2014. Dreaded and dismissed by the conservatives but equally rewarded and critically acclaimed by others. Is the infomercial here to stay?

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Seminar in Almedalen, Visby


David Grossman, former head of rapid online video response, Democratic National Committee.
Jessica Schedvin, news editor,
Alexander Mason, sales & marketing director, Cision.
Elizabeth Walentin, teamleader, opposition research socialdemocrats.
Johan Ulvenlöv, digital strategist, LO.

Debate leader: Sara Yazdanfar, communication officer, LO.

Date and time: Tuesday 1 July, hrs 11.30-12.30
Venue: Ljusgården Hamnplan 5, Visby
Refreshments: Chicken/Tofu skewers, bulgur salad

Jonas Wall
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