LO appeal for the ILO supervisory system

International issues The ILO supervisory mechanism is at risk. The Employers’ group in the ILO does not accept the existence of a global right to strike.

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Global right to strike

The Employers’ group in the ILO denies the existence of a global right to strike, by claiming that there is no such right included in the ILO Convention on the Freedom of Association and the Protection of the Right to Organise.

In a letter to the Swedish Prime Minister, LO President Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson,  who is also Vice President of the ITUC , expresses our concern  about  this situation.

Ongoing  conflict  since 2012

The letter describes how, already in 2012, the Employers’ group started to challenge work in the ILO Committee on Application of Standards, in what can be described as an attack on the entire ILO supervisory mechanism.  The conflict has multiplied since then, and there is no solution to be seen so far.

Action needed

LO urges the Swedish government to take action in this matter which we, along with the international trade union movement, consider as crucial for workers’ rights worldwide.