LO's Election Campaign

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LO’s election campaign shows the failures of the present government
On Monday 16 August, LO launched its campaign for the general elections which will be held on September 19. The aim of the campaign is to show that the policy of the present government is all wrong.

- Every day, the living conditions of LO members are influenced by political decisions. It is therefore natural that LO is active in the election campaign and in the issues relevant to our members. Besides campaigning, our activities during the run-up to the elections include, first and foremost, political discussions at workplaces. Our campaign is intended to encourage these discussions, Ulla Lindqvist, Second Vice President of LO says.

- Our campaign exposes the political decisions that we want to be changed. It is about the deteriorations of the unemployment insurance and the sickness insurance, about the high unemployment rate among young people and about insufficient measures to increase jobs. The government’s policy is completely wrong. We want to show this.

In the campaign the responsible ministers are put to blame for the policy conducted by the government. Subsequently, the campaign material presents LO’s demands concerning the policy that we want to be pursued. LO’s ideas are put forth by members from several affiliated unions.