LO’s standpoint regarding the energy policy

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LO is of the opinion that all energy supply must be based on renewable energy in the long run. As nuclear energy represents nearly half of Sweden’s power production, it will however be needed during a foreseeable time. The existing nuclear power plants should be kept, as long as they meet high security demands. Moreover, certain increase of power capacity in the existing plants is possible and should be executed. Even new construction is thinkable to a certain extent, but this issue must be analysed on the basis of future energy needs, the potential and the costs of the different alternatives as well as our chances to make energy use more efficient, whilst not jeopardising production and welfare.
The energy issue is also important from a democratic point of view. Even if the referendum took place a long time ago, a new democratic process will be needed before a new position on nuclear power can be adopted. The government does exactly the opposite. They present a suggestion as a political manoeuvre, instead of trying to reach a broad political agreement, says Wanja Lundby-Wedin, LO’s President.

This makes things more difficult for investors, who want to have stable, long-term guidelines guaranteeing economic growth in our country. In order to ensuring good preconditions for the Swedish industry, it is not responsible policy from the government to present an alternative of their own, that will only last until the next general elections, says Wanja Lundby-Wedin.

The LO now launches a project on climate and energy, as decided earlier by the General Council. LO’s task is now to gather the affiliated unions to agree on a joint standpoint, combining a policy for more jobs with a policy for sustainable development.