LO welcomes the new government's policy

Forming public opinion The new government of Sweden will recognise the State of Palestine and act for the introduction of a social progress protocol in the EU Treaty.

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Jobs, labour market and competitiveness

The new  government of Sweden, led by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven from the Social Democratic Party,  took office on October 3. 18 ministers are from the Social Democratic party and 6 from the Green Party.   

The statement of government policy announced by the Prime Minister on 3 October, outlines the government’s political orientation.

Economic policy must be steered by an employment goal. The objective is that Sweden’s unemployment rate will be the lowest in the EU by 2020. Unemployed young people will be offered a job, a work placement, a trainee job or training within 90 days. Sweden’s competitiveness will be strengthened, by means of investments in infrastructure, housing and climate transition. The Government also wants to emphasise the important role of social partners.  A determined standpoint is that Swedish wages and conditions are to apply to everyone who works in Sweden.

For a social Europe

Jobs, a labour market with better order and regulations, increased gender equality and proactive climate and environmental policies are issues of priority.  The government also underlines that the principle of equal  pay for equal work, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country where the work is performed, is to apply everywhere in Europe.  LO particularly welcomes the fact the government now will initiate efforts to bring about a change in the EU Treaties,  to ensure that economic freedoms cannot be used to circumvent national laws and collective agreements; this means efforts for the introduction of a social protocol in the EU Treaty.

Global issues and international trade

According the new government’s policy, Sweden  will promote  free and fair international trade. The government will work for progressive international trade agreements, while standing up for the environment, workers rights and public health.  It is particularly emphasised that trade agreements must respect democratic decisions. LO has together with the Social  Democrats worked for a  New Global Deal.  The new government will now continue this work , by "striving for a global order of work and capital that ensures an international economy that benefits all and suppresses no one".  Sweden,  as the first country in EU, will recognise the state of Palestine.  In the field of international development cooperation, Sweden’s efforts will be focused on reducing poverty and injustice in the world  and strengthening environment and democracy.