New LO report on Swedish labour market policy

Labour market Only one out of four unemployed in Sweden today have access to measures aimed at strengthening competence or increasing possibilities to a new job. In a new report LO therefore demands that a special commission should be set up tasked with mapping the opportunities to increase the vocational education content of active labour market policy.

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In a new report  LO evaluates the labour market policy pursued by the former centre-right Government. The conclusion is clear: the education content of the labour market policy is too weak.

The number of unemployed people in labour market policy programmes continues to be high. The report also points at an increasing level of polarisation in the labour market – those without upper secondary education are most affected by the risk of remaining long-term unemployed.

LO demands that a commission should be set up with the task to map the needs and opportunities to increase the education content of active labour market policy. Social partners should be included in the commission.

Summary of the report "Where are we headed – Swedish labour market policy in 2014"