New LO-report: Full employment and a wage policy of solidarity

Labour market Since the 1990s Sweden has suffered from high unemployment and currently has what must be described as mass unemployment. It is obvious that the economic policy pursued is no longer able to achieve full employment. Nor is it possible to return to the policy prevalent before the 1990s. Consequently, what Sweden needs is a new economic policy that combines full employment and fair wages with today’s open economy.

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Gender equal wages

The 2012 Congress decided to task LO with preparing a basis for broad discussion in the trade union movement for the purpose of modernising the wage policy of solidarity with special focus on unequal wage dispersion, gender equal wages, wage drift and international competitiveness.

LO Congress 2016

This is LO’s report on full employment and a wage policy of solidarity to the 2016 Congress . The LO Executive Council dealt with the proposed report to Congress on 12 May 2015 and decided to adopt these clauses, which are thereby presented to the 2016 LO Congress.