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The best jobs in the world - the theme of LO 26th Statutory Congress 2008
LO will celebrate its 26th Statutory Congress on May 31st – June 4th, 2008, in Stockholm. 300 representatives from the 15 LO affiliates will attend the Congress. Besides the 271 motions submitted, the two Congress reports “More jobs – better jobs” and “The LO affiliates in co-operation” (report on organisational matters) will be discussed. A new negotiating secretary will also be elected.

The Congress subheading is “We are struggling for a better working life for everybody” and this emphasizes the LO’s commitment to continue working for better conditions in working life and for combating the present Government’s policy which aggravates the injustices in working life.

- There is a strong will within LO to work for improvements in working life. Many motions also lay stress on many members’ indignation about the non-Socialist Government’s policy which widens the gaps in society. LO President Wanja Lundby-Wedin says that there is a great interest in together drawing up a clear vision of the future.

Many of the motions deal with improved unemployment insurance and increased member recruitment activities. In order to increase the rate of organisation, further drives to reach out to young workers and to make it easier to change union affiliation are suggested, among other things. The topics concerning labour market policy and unemployment insurance include motions on readjustment insurance, joint unemployment insurance for the LO affiliates and higher levels of compensation.

Many of the motions also concern the Swedish labour market model and deal with the right to strike and the legal position of collective agreements, employment protection and working hours issues, for example, the right to full-time.

- Many members react against insecure and temporary employment contracts. The members claim regulated and secure working conditions. They want to improve employment conditions and safeguard the position of collective agreements, Wanja Lundby-Wedin says.

There are also motions such as “Labelling of work places with collective agreements”, “Organising of the temporary agency sector”, “Increased political commitment” and “The climate threat”.

The LO General Executive will discuss the motions in the weeks to come.

Close to 1 500 persons will visit the LO Congress, including active trade union members from all over Sweden and other persons who take an interest in union issues. Some 500 Swedish and foreign journalists will cover the work during the Congress days. Some 60 foreign guests have been invited to the Congress.

Among the speakers will be Mona Sahlin, leader of the Social Democratic Party, and representatives of The European Trade Union Confederation and The International Trade Union Confederation.