Election of two vice-presidents

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On Monday June 2 2008, Ulla Lindqvist was re-elected as vice-president of the board and Per Bardh elected as vice-president and negotiations secretary.

- “It’s wonderful to be able to work for what you are strongly committed to. The best part of my job is to visit districts, sections and workplaces. United we constitute a force that cannot be ignored. I am happy to be part of that force”, said Ulla Lindqvist when thanking the Congress for its renewed vote of confidence.

Ulla Lindqvist was born in 1954. In 1973, her first job was as charge-hand for stores and inspection and she soon became interested in trade union activities; within a short space of time she had held a series of posts in the local union and section 30 of the Metal Workers’ Union in Södertälje. Ulla also became involved in politics and in 1977 was made official representative of the Södertälje section of the SSU (the Social Democrats’ youth organisation).


- “I look forward to future discussions on how we can achieve equal work conditions for men and women. The unity and consensus we achieved during wage negotiations in 2007 were vital to our success. Unity is always what determines results, which is why we must have a serious debate on how we can support our local trade union representatives more effectively and ensure that our meetings are more productive”, said Per Bardh in his thank-you speech to the Congress.

Per Bardh was born in 1959. He began as caretaker at L-E Lindbergs Fastighets AB in Norrköping and in 1978 was elected treasurer of the company’s local union.

In 1984, Per was local representative for Section 1 of the Building Maintenance Workers’ Union in Stockholm; by 1999 he had moved on to the union’s headquarters and from there he went on to a post with the Industrial Workers' Union. By 2000, Per was transferred to the LO’s head office where he was been head of the Wages and Welfare Division since 2005.