LO President participated in international meeting on workers' capital

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On October 9 and 10, 2008, the twelfth meeting of the Committee of Workers’ Capital was held in Stockholm. On the tenth, LO PresidentWanja Lundby-Wedin made a speech at the meeting.
The Committee work was initiated by LO ten years ago with a view to increase the possibilities of the international trade union movement and workers’ capital to influencing investors and companies to promote the core labour standards in acccordance with the ILO conventions.

LO is of the opinion that the need of joint trade union actions in this field is increasing. The accelerating globalisation, the mobility of companies and the growing changeableness of capital during the last decades are strong reasons for the trade union movement to cooperate in order to counteract and meet the negative consequences of the globalised economy.

Trade union leaders and economists from all over the world participated in the meeting.