LO, TCO and Saco's demands: Stop violence against trade unionists in Belarus

International issues LO, TCO and Saco are deeply concerned about the escalating violence and lack of respect for democracy in Belarus. On September 22, the three Swedish central trade union organisations forwarded a list of demands from the entire Nordic trade union movement to the Belarusian ambassador in Stockholm.

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The list forwarded by the Presidents of LO, TCO and Saco includes demands for new elections and the release of all political prisoners, including 40 trade union activists. Respect for international laws and conventions that guarantee freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly were also among the demands from totally 15 Nordic trade union affiliates.

- This is the latest in a series of pressures to improve the situation for our trade union colleagues in Belarus. The fundamental democratic rights must be respected, says Göran Arrius, President of Saco.

Furthermore, it was called for an immediate halt to all violence against citizens, protesters and trade unionists.

- We have been clear that we want to see an end to President Lukashenko's regime of violence. The independent trade unions play an important role in the path to a free Belarus, says Therese Svanström, President of TCO.

LO, TCO and Saco continue to maintain close contact with their union friends in Belarus.

- The message from our colleagues is clear: The world must persevere. All forms of support for the regime must be withdrawn immediately, says Susanna Gideonsson, President of LO.

LO - Swedish Trade Union Confederation
TCO - Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees
Saco - Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations