New LO report on shrinking confidence in the sickness insurance

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It is very serious that almost forty per cent of workers do not feel confident when it comes to benefit by the measures provided in case of sickness of long duration. These are the comments made by Ulla Lindqvist, LO Vice President, on the recently published report “A sickness insurance that makes you feel secure? - confidence in being secured support and assistance as well as legal safety in case of sickness leave.
It ought to be an integral part of the general sickness insurance and the sickness leave process that support and assistance are provided for those hit by ill-health and reduced work capacity. Still, the report displays several serious shortcomings of people’s confidence in obtaining support and assistance to return to work after having been on sickness leave.

It is important that people can trust in getting treatment according to the regulations in case of sickness and sickness leave to make the sickness insurance trustworthy. The outcome of the inquiry made by the LO shows, on the contrary, that confidence in the Social Insurance Agency’s administration of sick leave cases is failing – every second person has no confidence at all.

Many people feel very doubtful and do not entirely trust in the sickness insurance’s and the Social Insurance Agency’ guarantees, which are stipulated by law, as to treatment and possibilities to return to work. I am not at all surprised at these findings, as working life has become harder and, besides, I am very worried that it will be still tougher considering the economic crisis we are enduring, Ulla Lindqvist continued.

For years we have talked about a labour market and a working life open to everybody but nothing much happens. The pressure on the employers must increase to do what is their duty and adapt the places of work and provide rehabilitation, Ulla Lindqvist concluded.