Why Sweden needs entry agreements

Labour market Promoting labour market establishment for newly arrived immigrants and long-term unemployed people is a key challenge. LO's view is that the social partners must play an important part in the work to improve the establishment in the Swedish labour market. The initiative Entry agreements, designed together with Unionen, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Swedish Government, will result in lower unemployment rates and better labour market matching.

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Despite the high demand for labour in Sweden, the unemployment rate is still high, especially among those born outside of Sweden. If the unemployed do not have adequate skills for the vacant jobs, it complicates labour market matching. There is an increasing employment gap between those who have good knowledge and skills and those who do not.

The social partners cannot allow a growing group of people to continue being excluded from the labour market.

LO has therefore taken the initiative to design, together with Unionen, the employers within the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Government, a new model to facilitate the establishment in the labour market of the newly arrived immigrants and other groups of people who lack  adequate knowledge and skills. Now we have got a good deal along the way with the presentation of the Declaration of Intent on entry agreements.

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