Job and Education Initiative for better labour market introduction

Sweden has a skills shortage. At present Sweden has a gap between those who have and those who do not have good knowledge and skills. Growing knowledge gaps are a consequence both of problems in the Swedish school system and of a high level of refugee immigration over several years. The problems were brought to a head by the historically high number of asylum seekers in 2015, now being followed by steeply rising numbers of new arrivals seeking introduction into the labour market.

Iranian trade union activists do not belong in prison

In a statement sent to the leaders of Iran and the judicial authorities of the country, LO and its affiliates IF Metall, Municipal Workers' Union and the Transport Workers' Union, condemn teh brutal treatment of trade union activists in Iran and demand unconditional release of imprisoned unionists.

The 2030 Agenda in Sweden and the involvement of LO

Agenda 2030 raises the possibility of a more inclusive, sustainable and equal world. At the moment, when populism and protectionism are flourishing at an increasingly faster pace, the agenda gives a glimpse of light in the darkness. LO works actively to realise the scope of the agenda.

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