LO policy for a better Europe

LO has outlined a programme EU for the coming five years in order to influence EU policies and obtain a better Europe for workers. It consists 40 proposals and Three main areas: full employment, better regulation in the Labour market and more democracy and transparency. “While 26 million people are unemployed in Europe, the EU pursues a narrow austerity policy. This has had devastating consequences for workers all over Europe, especially women. In contrast, LO will instead act for full employment and investments that will generate sustainable growth", says Åsa Janlöv, research officer and European coordinator at the LO international department.

Infomercial - americanised campaigning or making people committed?

LO crashed the gates and introduced the infomercial concept during the election campaign of '14. Dreaded and dismissed by the conservatives but equally rewarded and critically acclaimed by others. Is the infomercial here to stay?

Wealth concentration and the future of capitalism

Thomas Piketty’s book ”Capital in the 21st Century” is trying to answer basic questions regarding our economic system, particularly concerning the accumulation and distribution of wealth. Piketty’s thesis is that without political intervention wealth and income differences will increase inexorably.

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