The government's attack on development aid is an attack on trade union organising

The decision to cancel all development aid agreements with the trade unions and other parts of the civil society could have serious negative consequences for the ability of Swedish aid to achieve the goals of poverty reduction and democratic development, according to the chairpersons of the three Swedish trade union confederations. 

LO Sweden to the Swedish government: Stand up for global human rights at work!

Stand up for the conventions on human rights in working life, restore the one percent target for development aid and combat social dumping in the EU. These are some of the points that LO's President Susanna Gideonsson highlights in an open letter to Swedens Foreign Minister Tobias Billström ahead of Wednesday's foreign declaration.

The cause of the Finnish trade union movement is also ours!

LO calls on the Finnish government to listen to the demands of the trade union movement and immediately withdraw the attacks on Finnish workers.

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