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How do we Strengthen our Democracies?

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Finding Labour Movement Strategies that Work

Trade unionist, journalists and civil society organizations are often amongst the first experiencing shrinking spaces when autocracy is allowed to grow.

What is the situation today? What instruments do unions need to support and monitor democracy? What has worked before? What do we need to strengthen in our future work?

Welcome to a conference about the trade unions' role in strengthening and defending democracy.

With introduction from the V-dem Institute, key note speaks from Rainer Hoffman (FES) and Stefan Löfven (PES), and discussions with Barbro Andersson (Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union), Jonas Bals (LO Norway), Lisa Pelling (Arena Idé), Daniel Poohl (Expo Foundation), Susi Meret (Aalborg University) and Martin Lundstedt (V-Dem Institute).




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