An important step towards a more social Europe

International issues 150 leaders from European trade unions were present and active at the EU Social Summit in Gothenburg, taking part in events organised by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).

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Photo: Lars Forsstedt

In addition, trade union delegations took part in the Extraordinary Tripartite Social Summit and the Social Summit itself.

An important step towards a more social Europe

The social pillar is an important step for trade unions. Europe needs a social dimension, according to Monika Arvidsson, research officer at LO Sweden.

– In order to make the European Union a genuinely social union, the most important change would be to improve working conditions. Atypical work, low income, weak social infrastructure, difficulties in combining work with private life – all this severely affect peoples’ potential to decent living conditions.

Fair jobs, growth and social dialogue

The Gothenburg summit focused on fair jobs, growth and social dialogue. Social partners were invited to present good examples from the national and European levels, on how trade unions and employers’ organisations can work together to improve both working conditions and effectiveness at the same time.
– Hopefully, the Gothenburg Summit will be an inspiration for improving the social dialogue in member states as well as on the EU level, according to Monica Arvidsson.

Download the joint Statement of the European Social Partners (pdf)