LO's Key European Issues 2014-2019 - Full employment, democracy and transparency: 40 proposals for a better EU

International issues LO's vision is to create an EU that takes the lead in pursuing an economic policy of full employment and sustainable development. For a development that guarantees regulation on the labour market as well as democracy and transparency.

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The financial and economic crisis having ravaged Europe has severely challenged EU cooperation.  There are over 26 million unemployed people in Europe, nearly six million out of them are young people.  The number of those living at risk of poverty or social exclusion is 125 million.  Confidence in EU cooperation and the democratic institutions has decreased. For LO it is quite clear that the EU must be more than simply a free market adjusted to business interests. The EU hould instead counterbalance the negative impacts of globalised business and capital movements.  Full employment, democracy, transparency and securing the rights of wage-earners are some of the 40 proposals for a better EU, presented by LO in this report.