Therese Guovelin, LO Vice President

Organisational issues LO Vice President Therese Guovelin believes in reduced social gaps and more gender equality.

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Class and gender

The responsibilities of Therese Guovelin, elected as Vice President at the Congress of LO in 2016, include a number of key policy areas. She is responsible for LO’s labour market and education and training policies. Furthermore, she is responsible for LO’s activities for increased equality, which will go on until the next Congress in 2020.

- The rapidly widening social gaps in Sweden is a serious problem. I welcome the decision of LO Congress to intensify our equality-enhancing activities. I want to formulate a powerful agenda of proposals that will really make a difference for our members in their daily reality.

- I will focus on class and gender as cornerstones of the action for equality. Jointly with our member unions, LO must work harder to empower women. Action for gender equality must be integrated in all our activities.

School and life-long learning

Every child has the right to good school education on just terms, Therese Guovelin says.

- The LO Congress in 2016 assigned us with a distinct mandate to look into the financing of schools and act for a good start in life for all children.

- Vocational training is another central issue. Today there are problems of labour market matching and there are large groups of people who need skills development in order to qualify for the existing jobs.

This is a great challenge for LO

The importance of trade union – political cooperation

- I am so happy for having the activities of trade union-political cooperation on my desk. A Government led by Social Democrats is of course our target but we must aim higher than that. We must work to obtain a better parliamentary situation after the general elections in 2018 to ensure that our political action gets real effect.

The most recent position: President of the Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Union (HRF)