Counter the Climate Crisis with Investment and Technological Innovation

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Counter the climate crisis with investments and technological innovation
The climate issue is a truly international issue in which many questions must be solved within the EU and at a global level. But for wage earners in Sweden, our contribution as a country is also important and shows how Sweden can influence other EU countries so that all can contribute towards effective decisions. Wage earners want to see sustainable development - not just socially and economically but also environmentally. Over the years, energy policy has been a central issue for the LO and two years ago it resulted in the 2007 energy policy programme and statements made to the LO Congress in 2008.

The LO climate policy report is part of the LO climate policy project, but it is also a summary of discussions which started a long time ago within the LO and its affiliates. The report was compiled during a period of crisis in the economy and on the labour market. The serious situation has made it natural to try to combine measures for climate change with measures for economic recovery.

The report, which was adopted by the LO Executive Committee on May 25th, 2009, will form the basis for our future work on climate issues.