Joint recruitment by LO Unions

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Today the LO Congress considered several motions and proposals for recruitment of members. The Congress stated that members of an LO union with several employments will be guaranteed assistance and representation by their own union or by proxy by the union which signed the collective agreement.
Several delegates stated that the problem of recruitment of new members is directly related to difficulties in making contact with young people and people in precarious employment. Restrictions in unemployment insurance introduced by the right-wing government, whose policy is to deliberately weaken the trade union movement, also contribute to a large extent to the decline in union membership.

Since June 2007, the LO and its affiliated unions have been making joint efforts to increase the union membership amongst workers. LO and affiliated unions assign priority to recruiting new members in order to maintain and gradually increase membership figures. The LO Congress confirmed its support for this effort and stated that recruitment of new members is a joint responsibility of LO and all LO unions and as such should permeate all their activities.

The board called upon the unions to close ranks against the present right-wing government: They are attacking the basis of the trade union movement. They see as a threat the fact that we are numerous, that our mutual commitments are as strong as ever, while union membership remains high. Unity, solidarity and joint efforts to recruit all members of the workforce are our best form of defence.