LO statement on events lately in Gaza

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The LO Executive Committee adopted, at its weekly meeting on March 3, 2008, the attached statement caused by the violent events in Gaza in the past few days
The LO-Sweden Executive Board condemns Israeli destruction of trade union office in Gaza

The Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions – PGFTU – seeks support and protests from the international trade union movement against the destruction by the Israeli air force of the Workers’ and People’s House in Gaza. F-16 jet planes shattered the house on Thursday last week.

LO is chocked by the dreadful bombings against Gaza and the union’s office perpetrated by the Israeli air force. Three heavy missiles left the building in ruins. Adjacent buildings were demolished and thirteen people were badly injured.

60 Palestinians were killed in Israeli air force attacks during the weekend. Out of these, 20 were children and totally more than 180 persons were injured.

LO expresses strong concern about the aggravated humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The UN body in Gaza, UNWRA, has statistics which shows that 80% of the inhabitants live in extreme poverty and the continued siege by the Israelis implies that 1.5 million people have no access to food, water, fuel, electricity, basic health care or freedom of mobility.

LO condemns the collective punishment by the Israelis of the inhabitants of Gaza and is of the opinion that this is evident violation of humanitarian rights and the Forth Geneva Convention. LO urges the international community and the UN to resort to measures to put an end to this catastrophe and calls on the Swedish Government to act forcefully.

LO naturally also condemns all rocket bombardments which are directed towards targets in Israel.

LO support the PGFTU demands for compensation for the destroyed house and asks the international trade union movement to make their protests heard.