LO statement on the crisis in Gaza

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With reference to the war and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, LO made the following statement on January the 7th:

LO demands immediate cease-fire and humanitarian assistance to Gaza

The international community must, in all ways, join its forces to bring about a prompt cease-fire in Gaza and assist the people who are suffering enormously in the war between Hamas and Israel, the LO President, Wanja Lundby-Wedin, states with reference to the escalating violence in Gaza.

The International Trade Union Confederation has, in a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, urged the organisation to “exert all its authority to bring about cease-fire in Gaza and open the way for renewed efforts in the peace process”. LO urges that the necessary measures, which are required to stop the fighting, are actually taken and that the humanitarian crisis is remedied as soon as possible. The conflict can only be solved by way of dialogue and negotiations. LO supports the appeal for humanitarian assistance, launched by the ITUC, to the people of Gaza focusing firstly on food and medicines. The LO will contribute with 10 000 Euro. The European Trade Union Confederation has also urged the European Union to act more strongly.

- The Israeli reply to the rocket attacks by Hamas is totally disproportionate and will only serve to encourage the extreme forces in Palestine. Israel, which only a few weeks ago had its privileged relationship with the European Union extended, must act in a responsible way, or consequences must be drawn, Wanja Lundby-Wedin, who also is President of the ETUC, says.