LO welcomes campaign for better working environment for foreign workers

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The Swedish Work Environment Authority has launched a campaign aimed at improving the working environment for construction workers performing work in Sweden on a temporary basis. On the website of the campaign: www.safeatwork.se, there is information in different languages regarding how to avoid risks at the workplace.
Since 2007, six foreign workers have died at construction sites in Sweden, according to information provided by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

As regards severe accidents at work, the existing data is not reliable enough, since many workers who perform temporary work in Sweden are not covered by social security legislation. It can be noted however that a report issued by LO in 2010 analysing three infrastructure projects in Sweden with a large number of foreign workers, found that the risk of accidents the workers faced was higher in these projects.

I am happy that the Work Environment Authority has introduced this campaign. Under no circumstances can the unions accept that workers from other countries are being exploited and forced to endure poor conditions and working environment. Our aim is zero tolerance – no deaths or severe injuries at the places of work in Sweden, Ulla Lindqvist, LO Vice President says.