Pension funds to be used to strengthen trade union rights

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Today the LO Congress decided that the LO will strive to ensure that investments made by AMP Pension, AFA and Alecta pension administrators are based on the ILO’s eight core conventions. Workers’ money should not be invested where the right to create and join trade unions is not respected.

This motion was proposed by Section 20 of Handelsanställdas förbund (Commercial Workers’ Union), which argued that the LO “should use the power workers’ pension funds can give to force companies to comply with the ILO’s eight core conventions”.

The Congress also decided that the LO through contacts with trade unions throughout the world should take initiatives to ensure that employees’ pension funds are used internationally to force companies to comply with the ILO’s core conventions.

These ILO conventions are:
1. No. 87 on freedom of association and protection of the right to union membership
2. No. 98 on the right to union membership and collective bargaining
3. No. 29 on forced labour
4. No. 105 on abolition of forced labour
5. No. 111 on discrimination (in employment and occupation)
6. No. 100 on equal remuneration for men and women
7. No. 138 on minimum working age
8. No. 182 on the worst forms of child labour

Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) organises 15 unions with a union density of 76 percent of the blue collar workers. Wanja Lundby-Wedin is president of LO and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).