Speech by the LO President on May 1st

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A change in policy would make a difference
A financial Tsunami sweeps round the world and takes away all jobs, safety
and welfare. The coming years, the number of those employed will decrease
by 300,000. Unemployment will increase to 12 per cent. There is no simple measure against this. We will be affected. To state something else would be giving false promises. But we are not helpless. It is possible to limit the damages. It is possible to protect those affected, it is possible to support companies to endure, Wanja Lundby-Wedin said in her speech.

The question is not whether we can afford it - the question is whether we can afford not to do anything. Here we have four quick solutions which dampen the ravages of the crisis and which can be and must be taken now.

We should:

“Improve the tax deduction to repairs and rebuilding of properties. This gives a quick effect.

Increase the State subsidies to municipalities and to county councils to avoid lay-offs. This gives a quick effect. This safeguards children at school and nursery school facilities as well as the elderly and those who are ill.

Introduce a new system so those employed can stay in the companies with pay and receive education in basic subjects and in the vocational field. Let the State and the companies share the costs.

Carry through soonest an Adult Education Initiative enabling unemployed people to study for one year with a generous study grant at a level corresponding to that of the unemployment benefit.”

Policy makes a difference and there is a difference between our policy and that of the right wing parties. Our policy makes it possible to handle the financial crisis jointly and spread the burdens in a loyal way. With the policy of the right wing parties, the crisis and the economic problems are prolonged and deteriorated, at the same time as those most affected pay the highest price.