The EU must introduce a social protocol

Collective agreement LO is to work actively to introduce a social protocol in the EU to protect trade union and human rights. This was decided by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation Congress today.

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Fundamental human and trade union rights

Congress therefore carried a motion from IF Metall, Branch 15 in the county of Stockholm, calling on LO to intensify its advocacy on the matter.

The Executive Council agreed with the proposers of the motion and emphasised that since 2008 LO has pursued the demand for a social protocol establishing that fundamental human and trade union rights are not subsidiary to the economic freedoms in the internal market, and that in the event of a conflict the former must take precedence.

Social protocol

Consequently, LO is of the opinion, along with all of the ETUC, that no more amendments to the EU Treaty should be allowed without the introduction of a social protocol in the EU Treaty.