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Organisering It's nice that you want to join the trade union. If you want to read more about the membership, please press the button "more information". Otherwise you can choose to fill in the "interest application" directly and someone from your trade union will contact you shortly.

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Eight reasons for joining the union!

1. You will have job security

If you are a member of a trade union and you will be dismissed without a valid reason, the trade union may help you to get your job back. If you are not unionized you must carry on the lawsuit yourself in the district court against your employer. It is expensive and it is hardly ever resulting in having the job back.

2. You are insured

The contract insurances, the contract pension, the unemployment insurance and the membership insurances all give the unionized a larger safety at home and at work as well – at a fraction of the price for the same insurance cover paid by yourself.

3. You will have influence in the workplace

In several matters the employer must negotiate with the trade union before making any decisions. As a member of the trade union you may be able to use your influence on these decisions.

4. The entire society gains by it

Human beings feeling well on their workplaces perform better jobs, which leads to increased productivity and a more stable public economy.

5. We all gain by it

Pensions, child benefit and right to vote are only some of those rights and benefits that did not exist before demanded by the labour movement. Today these are regarded as matters of course – also by the employers. Today we take part in the work for human rights also in other parts of the world.

6. You will get better working conditions

Members of a trade union will get better working conditions and a better working environment than those not having joined the trade union. This includes everything from working hours, safety and protection against persecution. Members of a trade union are not alone, but they may get assistance in order to correct disparities.

7. Your family would gain by it

Many membership advantages, as for example membership insurances, also cover home and family.

8. You will be better paid

Workplaces with collective agreements generally have higher wages than those without collective agreements.